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Virgo Red & White Socks

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Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, to be exact, and that’s the way Virgos like it: exacting. Those born under this horoscope sign are forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical (and they can be), but their ‘attention to detail’ is for a reason: to help others. Virgos, more than any other zodiac sign, were born to serve, and it gives them great joy. 

In the western tropical zodiac, Virgo season begins on August 23, coming to an end on September 22, the final phase of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time of year when the sun’s heat and light are beginning to mellow, with the days beginning to shorten toward the Fall Equinox. Virgo season is when nature’s abundance and fertility become ready for gathering and harvesting 

The stellar constellation of Virgo has origins in Babylonian society, where it was associated with the goddess Shala, who was depicted holding an ear of grain. To the Babylonians, this goddess ruled over fertility and the harvest. 

In Greek mythology, Virgo was associated with the goddess Demeter, who ruled over the bounty of the earth and agriculture. Virgos continue to be connection with planting, growing, harvesting food, and herbal medicine.


Lucky colours: Tan & Warm yellow

Lucky Tarot Card: The Hermit

Lucky herbs: Lavender Parsley Skullcap

Each sock measures 9.5cm x 44cm approximately.

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