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Eternal Wisdom & Strategy of Athena Gloves

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For AW20 we unveil taboo masculine behaviours through art and literature of Ancient Greece and animal symbols. 

The judgement of Paris Gloves Capsule

The story starts when the goddess of discourse Eris is uninvited to a wedding. She goes anyway and throws a golden apple into the celebration.  This golden apple can only belong to the most beautiful.

As anticipated by Eris, the three goddesses Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera fight over the apple.  They ask Zeus to decide, but since one goddess, Hera, is his wife, he thought it better for a non bias man to decide.

So Paris, the prince of Troy, has apparently,  a good track record, without bias, becomes the judge of the three ladies.  All three strip down, Aphrodite being the first, and Hera trying to hide in the flowers, white Athena gets on with it robotically.

While Paris hesitates all three ladies start to bribe him

Aphrodite, being the goddess of power, creation, love, beauty, offered eternal love fertility, and beauty, in the form of a woman named Helen.

Athena, being the goddess of intelligence and war, offered eternal wisdom, strategy, and a clear vision for logic

Hera being the wife of Zeus, offers a whole kingdom of his own, there were rumours that she mentioned way more than one

Paris Chose Helen, So Aphrodite won the apple (using it in multiple times in the future).  Choosing Helen, who was already married and stolen before, said to be the main spark of causing the Trojan war.  

Which goddess will you choose?

An elegant, dainty, yet geometric pattern and colour palate inspired by the "Toile de Jouy' scenes found on tea sets and wall paper.  Nichloris has hand drawn naughty masculine nose picking, or shall we say taboo behaviours? If you are lucky, you may spot the twisting garlands the misunderstood, undervalued animals "pigeons" "fruit bats" "moths"

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