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Pearl Diver Bodysuit

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The Pearl Diver Bodysuit is made from a slinky printed jersey.

This body suit features an elegant front scoop neck and a plunging back neckline. Perfect as a sleeveless top, for a a seamless tucked in look.  The fabric is suitable for swimming, and the mesh lining keeps you covered up in the water.

This exclusively elegant Nichloris print features a symbolic scene, representing our greed and sentimental attachment to the sea.  There is an Ama diver being engulfed by the sea and Octopus.  The octopus multitasks and grabs a greedy seagull from above.  The water actually mimics the microscopic view of shell nacre which is nearly impenetrable.  All of the creatures are passing through to show the fragility of nature.  The hands lonely and holding a seafood bouquet, symbolising our reverence and the emotional sentimental curiosity we have with the sea.

All imagery has been hand drawn and carefully collaged by Nichloris in London, and printed digitally to minimise chemicals and water waste in London, England.

Also available in the white greedy octopus print.

Made to order in London.  If you do not see your size, please email with measurements or to schedule a fitting appointment.