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Nagging Heartbreak

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Create your own story with each Nichloris Piece!

Story from " 🥚🐓🥚 Look 13"

Pieces: Ball & Chain blouse, Ornamental isolation skirt, nagging regrets belt, Virgin Mary scarf, Mother hen heartbreak socks

Prints: “Maternal Heartbreak”

This is for the chickens, who wait for 10 eggs (some, I’m guessing who get desperate, only two). In nature this would happen at random, but in captivity, on a farm, consistently taking each egg, do we know what it does to them? Do we care?

“I swear I just laid an egg, where is it, how will I ever reach 10?”

“I have saved two eggs, should I risk it and start sitting?”

Confused silence of a suffering animal: humans breaking the natural cycle without even considering an adjacent way.


Prices reflect London hand made to order/measure.  We will be in contact  shortly after purchase, to discuss your measurements. 

Ball & Chain Corset Top Hand made in our London studio from sustainably printed cotton, hand drawn print “Maternal Heartbreak”. Softly gathered into smocked comfortable deep arm cuffs. Soft corset bodice with u shaped neckline close with recycled clear acrylic buttons.  The crystal clear pastel buttons up to an over sized collar.

Ornamental Isolation Skirt  Hand made in our London studio from sustainably printed cotton, hand drawn print “Maternal Heartbreak". Tailored and classic cut skirt with side zip, and back slit.

Nagging Regrets Bustle Belt Hand made in our London studio from sustainably printed cotton, hand drawn print “Maternal Heartbreak". The bustle belt loops at the waist, reminiscent of bustles in the past, flowing down at tee length creating a train like drama.  Due to three levels of closure, the pieces can be worn multiple ways, fulfilling your soft dramatic fantasies.

Mother hen socks Hand drawn of Silkie Chickens keeping their baby warm behind a rare flower. Each Pair of socks are hand heat pressed to order. 

The Virgin Mary Scarf Hand made in our London studio from sustainably printed silk, hand drawn print "Motherhood Blues & Heartbreak"