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Intro to Mind Body Spirit

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Mind Body Spirit

The first steps in becoming the artist of your everyday life is learning what we have to work with! 

Once we have some ideas, we can ask questions, reflect, acknowledge, and then put all our new tool into action.

Healing & Healed: 

Healing is learning new tools, and being healed is using your tools, and knowing when to use your tools.

Once you watch the videos, they could help jumpstart your unique journey on balancing your mind body spirit.

They also might leave you with questions, which is great! You are always welcome to save those questions for a one on one with me, and I will be the resource to help you get started!

This digital class covers the following topics:



  1. Ego
  2. What duality are positive and negative tools
  3. What is a inner child
  4. What is shadow work
  5. Guides we create with our ego for protection


  1. What are body guides
  2. What are ancestors


  1. What is the astral
  2. What is your energy
  3. What are contacts
  4. What is it like to go from passive to conscious and proactive.
  5. Exploring your unique Clairs
  6. What are teams