Domesticated Excuses
Domesticated Excuses
Domesticated Excuses
Domesticated Excuses
Domesticated Excuses
Domesticated Excuses

Domesticated Excuses

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Create your own story with each Nichloris Piece!

Story from " Look 14"

This is for the domesticated beings. Products of (breeding, non natural mating, aka rape, especially horses), some animals bred so much they get sick, they soil the house, rip up or damage property, or even act out simple acts of grouchy violence (holding a grudge of their latest trauma).

If they do not get better, obey or get cuter, or sweeter, they are signing their death sentence.

“I swear next time that next time my tail gets grabbed I’m going to take a bite”

“This breed told me that they were perfect. This animal is acting too much like an animal in my home, I want my money back”

“Why is this horse angry? What did I ever do to it?” (All horses are a product of forced breeding, you never know what they have recently gone through when you meet one, or ride one.)

Angry animal: trauma cause by humans directly or indirectlyNipples showing in the original...although this Greek goddess was rightly “feeling” the original, Instagram (society) is a constant threat to extinguish the flame.


Prices reflect London hand made to order/measure.  We will be in contact  shortly after purchase, to discuss your measurements. 

Ball & Chain Corset Top Hand made in our London studio from sustainably printed cotton, hand drawn print "The secret life of Pets”. Softly gathered into smocked comfortable deep arm cuffs. Soft corset bodice with u shaped neckline close with recycled clear acrylic buttons.  The crystal clear pastel buttons up to an over sized collar.

Lolita Citrus Shorts Hand made in our London studio from responsibly sourced/ dead stock citrus liberty cotton. Softly gathered into smocked comfortable deep leg cuffs.  A translucent yellow zip into stretch high waistband

Daisy Cuff Bracelets Hand made in our London studio, a delicate chain of gold plated floral blossoms, with a centre of cornflour blue crystal.  Each bead has been woven with a strong clear elastic

Budgie Sweetheart Socks Hand drawn of budgies perched on dandelions. Each Pair of socks are hand heat pressed to order.

If you are curious about Nichloris pieces or would like a bespoke Nichloris piece we would be happy to virtually meet you. Please get in touch to schedule a virtual consultation to see and talk more about your next Nichloris piece!

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