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Internal Isolation of Grief

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$135.00 USD

Create your own story with each Nichloris Piece!

Story from " Look 9"

"The trophy"
Ornamental repressed expression allowed only

Pieces: Martyr’s internal grief polo shirt, Martyr’s internal grief polo shirt

“You are there to look pretty, silence, we do not want to hear you!”

“I better stop crying into these strawberries, I will look horrible, I need to put on a brave face or I will ruin everyone’s time”

“You were so emotional, so unapproachable, I could see myself loving you now. Such a self sufficient adult taking care, with less expression”

“If you weren’t this pretty you would never be here.”


Prices reflect London hand made to order/measure.  We will be in contact  shortly after purchase, to discuss your measurements. 

Pieces can be sold separately or save £58 when purchasing the skirt belt set together.

Ornamental Isolation Skirt  Hand made in our London studio from responsibly sourced/ dead stock translucent opal blue cotton. Tailored and classic cut skirt with side zip, and back slit.

Draping Guilt Belt Hand made in our London studio from responsibly sourced/ dead stock translucent opal blue cotton. Two recycled translucent buckles make the options for creative styling endless.

Internal Grief Polo Shirt  Hand drawn embroidery of a martyr hiding her tears into strawberries. Neon citrus polo shirt made of stretch knit cotton with a button collar opening. 

All Tied up Bow Clip Hand made in our London studio from sustainably printed ribbon, hand drawn print, "Daisy Chains of Silence".