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Scorned Cat Lady Eccentric

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Create your own story with each Nichloris Piece!

Story from "Look 11"

The scorned cat lady eccentric

Pieces: Ball & Chain blouse, Inherited baggage harness cape, Aphrodite’s chastity belt, Chloris’s blossom belt worn as a headpiece.

Prints: “Daisy cage green with envy” “Motherhood blues”

This is for the successful ethereal women!

Their lifelong path is unfairly marked as eccentric, weird, crazy, or cat ladies. Having a negative opinion or attitude towards someone who you think is lacking is ridiculous and cruel enough. But seeing society continually ignore the beauty in someone’s life and not taking the opportunity to appreciate their intimidating achievements, has becomes a unique ritual of cruelty to be ashamed of.

“Why is she always alone, buying flowers for herself, so weird”

“Might be too late for her to find love, let alone a family”

“Did I make the right decisions about family, marriage? I feel happy in my solid multiple successes. Both friends and strangers tell me otherwise. I feel people don’t see me, which at times turns my success to feel trivial and unworthy”

“I just finished my masterpiece, but why am I now imagining what I would look like as a bride, or as a mother?”


Prices reflect London hand made to order/measure.  We will be in contact  shortly after purchase, to discuss your measurements. 

Ball & Chain Corset Top  Hand made in our London studio from responsibly sourced/ dead stock translucent opal blue cotton. Softly gathered into stretchy smocked, comfortable deep arm cuffs. Soft corset bodice with u shaped neckline close with recycled clear acrylic buttons.  The crystal clear pastel buttons up to an over sized collar.

Aphrodite’s Chastity Belt hand made in our London studio from sustainably printed cotton, hand drawn print “Daisy cage green with envy”. Draped gracefully up into a side zip and a XL bow.  Lined in canvas for a structured corset garter belt fit.

First Blossoms of Chloris Belt (Worn as a flower crown in this look) Handmade in our London studio, each flower and their stamens are made by hand, and sewn delicately into  delicate into a horizontal sprouting cluster. A cotton herringbone ribbon glides through, with a generous length, to wear as a belt or another place secured into a bow.

Inherited Baggage Harness Cape Hand made in our London studio from sustainably printed cotton, hand drawn print “Motherhood blues”. The Harness gathers at the back and fans out to the floor.  It can be worn in the front or back, making this the perfect dramatic piece.