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We will always start by what your teams have to say (Your teams are for everything you will do, are doing, or have done). The best way is to start with questions & topics that you really want to know & bring value to your everyday life.

You may have worked on the following through meditation and or working on expanding your consciousness (gathering new perspectives) but I am happy to share extra techniques if applicable.

  • Shadow work (breaking old ties, boundaries, integration)
  • building your character (building new, creating foundation/structures, astral co- creating)

🌱Astral Coaching🌱

We will begin connecting you with your teams, according to the level of work and intensions you have been working on. We will talk about what you can work on, if you aren’t sure your teams, guides, and ancestors will have a good idea what to start with ☺️

Sometimes we will discuss all the types of guides/ancestors/teams and sometimes we will talk about managing bottom (negative) and top (positive) energy and how this can be a powerful tool for your daily life.

☁️Sharing Dream Experiences☁️

Dreams and astral experiences are sometimes heavy in our minds and very exciting. They can generate questions to ask our teams and give us peeks into our astral jobs! If applicable we can cover filters and deeper meanings.

Please come prepared with how the dream you would like to share will expand your consciousness and enhance your daily life.

🧜‍♀️Learning about your energy🧚

We uncover together how your energy feels. We will cover techniques you can use to explore your energy, such as inner child work, and how your energy expresses each of the “Clairs” “Psychic Senses”


🕊️Building Bridges🕊️

Getting in contact and integrating parts of your soul or previous contacts of your soul. This can be past loved ones, gods, or places you would like to visit in the expanded astral.

🎣Fishing for Energy🎣

Sometimes beings are trying to communicate, and we dismiss the “energy bait” they send us. I’ll take you through this technique in our session. After we make full contact, we can discuss the experience further.

🌟Soul Memories🌟

Sometimes the deeper we go (soul questions), I might require a day ahead of our session to meditate and pull info to be disgussed together in our session.