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Aphrodite's Golden Apple Scarf

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$247.00 USD

For AW20 we unveil taboo masculine behaviours through art and literature of Ancient Greece and animal symbols. 

Aphrodite's Golden Apple Scarf is made from an elegant plushy velvet, trimmed with fairytale transparent fringing. 

An elegant, dainty, yet geometric pattern and colour palate inspired by the "Toile de Jouy' scenes found on tea sets and wall paper .  Nichloris has hand drawn naughty masculine nose picking, or shall we say taboo behaviours? If you are lucky, you may spot the twisting garlands the misunderstood, undervalued animals "pigeons" "fruit bats" "moths"

The perfect elegant touch for a flirty little Aphrodite.  Wear Nichloris style, lustfully teetering on one shoulder.  Extra long to let your imagination run wild while still staying warm.

Also available in Golden Apple illustration

190cm (with 20cm fringe on each end, 230cm )x 70cm

75 inches (with 8 inch fringe on each end, 94 inches )x 28inches

Velvet: 70% viscose (plush part) 30 (velvet)

Lining: Choice of 100% silk satin or Vegan silk option

Made to order in London.