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Avoiding Mary Magdalene

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Create your own story with each Nichloris Piece!

Story from " Look 6"


Misguided messages of youth

Just exist, but actually don’t, also you get to look forward to being invisible chained and restrained to a cage you built 🤪

This is for all the Lolitas, the youngsters who are misinformed that beauty is priceless and a form of currency, that you will never, and should never use. If you do, you are trouble, easy, lazy, undesirable will never reach your goal of becoming the Madonna, the martyr you are supposed to be.

Please be wild! This is the time, express and learn, but also protect your peers, and seek trustworthy mentorship.

Flaunt your beauty, it will fade, don’t be wild though, you will be invisible one day, but now everyone is looking and you need to stay chaste, you don’t want to get a REPUTATION”

“Your sister is wild, I hope you choose to be more ladylike, exhibiting your body like that is slutty, hope you take the high road.”

“How could anyone marry you, when you don’t respect yourself.”


Prices reflect London hand made to order/measure.  We will be in contact  shortly after purchase, to discuss your measurements. 

Voiceless Swimsuit  Hand made and printed in London from printed jersey, hand drawn print “Peachy Daisy Cage”. 

Aphrodite’s Chastity Belt Hand made in our London studio from sustainably printed cotton, hand drawn print “Feminine Roots”. Draped gracefully up into a side zip and a XL bow.  Lined in canvas for a structured corset garter belt fit.

First Blossoms of Chloris Belt (Worn as a sash in this look) Handmade in our London studio, each flower and their stamens are made by hand, and sewn delicately into  delicate into a horizontal sprouting cluster. A cotton herringbone ribbon glides through, with a generous length, to wear as a belt or another place secured into a bow.

Mary Magdalene's Scarf Hand made and printed in London from silk twill, hand drawn print “Feminine Roots”. Cotton option available soon, please contact if interested!