Antipasti Karaoke


Sustainable symbols and practices

Our Spring Summer collection encompasses a poetic aesthetic and historical dialogue between humans and sea products.  We are launching 3 capsules, in the months leading to London Fashion Week.  Each capsule features a specific textile technique and mood.

SS20 Symbols

The octopus makes an appearance, symbolising the strength, intelligence, and grace of the sea. Their life span is very short, which reminds us how fragile and special the sea is. In some imagery, the octopus is fighting back against too much consumption.
There are bountiful bouquets and garlands representing excess.
Ama divers are also present, representing our initial consumption of the sea, and the octopus makes her diving difficult, as a reminder of how precious the oysters, pearls, and other deep sea products are.
In some prints seagulls are caught by the octopus, to stop pure greed.
Colour palette is inspired by antipasti sea food on plates + fly fishing lures, with a punch of 1990s Sailor Moon. 

SS20 Sustainable Practices

All textiles including the prints, guipure lace and french lace have been hand drawn by Nichloris in London England.
Guipure lace manufactured in Nottingham England. Guipure is a no waste textile, every piece is used, and pieces are made to the measurements needed.
Prints have been digitally printed in London England.  Digital printing processes uses no water, or discarded chemicals.
French lace manufactured in England and Turkey with traditional French looms.
Abalone shell buttons have been sourced by local vintage markets in London.
All textiles not designed by Nichloris have been sourced from local businesses in London.
All garments fully tailored and hand sewn to perfection in London.