• Marlene

    Nicole is fantastic. I’ve been working with her intermittently for the last (nearly) year. She is an excellent coach, she is patient and detailed and can really help you develop the skills you need to accomplish YOUR goals. You want to be able to do more spirit work? She can help you learn to connect, receive, and interpret so that you do not need “someone else” who is more “gifted” to do the work. She is well versed in what she does and brings a wealth of experiences to the table. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you’re thinking about setting up a session, do it! Prepare to put in some work too! She is coaching you not doing the work for you, but it is SO worth it.

  • Sylwia

    My session with Nicole was one of those divine encounters that elevated life's path to new heights.

    It was an experience just too profound to call it accidental although I still keep scratching my head over how that came about. I attained profuse clarity and understanding on the emotional level on subjects that were alive in me for the past few years. It clicked in me. How my mind runs from the now into the future, how I am not grounded, how I do not validate my feelings and my worth - I finally got it. Let us agree on the fact that my personal experience will not be relevant to anybody else besides me, but what I can whole-heartedly attest to is that during the session sand in our communications afterwards, I was met with Nicole's unwavering kindness, uncompromising honesty, and spiritual integrity and that created such an exquisite and safe space to open up and heal. With deepest gratitude!

  • Nari

    I've done some sessions with Nicole and Ive attended her Expanding Consciousness class. She is very kind helpful and patient. She's helped me so much and was able to understand my needs even if I'm not a native English speaker. She takes time to listen and answer my questions. 

    I felt stuck in my journey and didn't know what steps to take to grow spiritually. She helped me to meditate and understand my fears.  Nicole is an amazing person and great to talk to. I also recommended her coaching to a friend who is very happy to know her. 

    Thank you Nicole for your time and knowledge you share with us during your lives and sessions

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  • Katy

    During my session with Nicole, I gained a lot of insight into different types of spirit guides and how my personal guides communicate with me. First we started with the guides that incarnated with me and how they help me with various job roles and also the subconscious guides and how I can better direct the energy surrounding them and build up a character for what I would like there roles to be. Nicole also channelled a male ancestor who came through with advice on how I am transmuting out, currently still staying in the dimension (bottom) energy and what would be best suited for myself at this point. Nicole also gave me really good advice on any divination I am doing from tarot cards, pendulum or bone/rune readings and how to ask better constructed question for the information I was wanting an answer to. We looked into my astral job/various dreams I have had where there was more going on and what roles my soul carries out in the astral realm. We also went into why I was seeing dreams in black & white and why this filter was in place which was helpful for me to redirect my energy where needed. We also spoke about different Deities and what Deities I am currently working with and why they switch out with other guides. Nicole is very easy to talk to and its helpful with information/knowledge and also encourages you to channel information for yourself and gain you own insight/knowledge 

  • Paige H.

    I absolutely would recommend Nicole’s coaching services! She really puts her all into it and she has many years of experience! The coaching she has provided me with has really changed my life and given me confidence to seek out my own gifts! I am so grateful to her and her endless patience with me while on my journey.

  • Terriann

    I had a wonderful one on one with Nicole. She has a great way of explaining the ways I can explore my spiritual self in my waking life so that I can integrate my skills for the benefit of everyone involved.  I'm so glad I came across her and look forward to continuing to work with her as we grow. 

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