Antipasti Karaoke



 In our last capsule we explore how important it is to use everything you have and treat it as your most precious. We have featured the stormy prints and frothy sea foam French lace trimmed pieces of SS20.
"Shipwrecked" follows our heroine, who survives a battle with the sea.  Now stranded on a deserted island, she's left with what she packed in her suitcase.  These items are now detrimental to her survival.
There is great beauty and emotion involved in gathering possessions from the shore, and later surviving with the remaining pieces, likely chosen for practical purposes. The process of a shipwreck reminds us how powerful nature can be, especially in the process of restoring harmony within a state of disproportion. It can mean destruction for the sake of a new (Birth of Venus) and more thoughtful or modest approach to necessary consumption.