Nichloris is an independent Demi-couture womenswear label.
Our aesthetic is all about the details and classical silhouettes,

which enhance the great variety found in the feminine figure.


We collaborate with local manufactures and artisans in the UK

to fuse together traditional craftsmanship with modern artistry.

We work hard to execute practicality and efficiency without losing

the value and importance of artwork and rare textile techniques.


We take great pride and care in sending conceptual reminders about

ourrelationship as humans with natural environment

within every season and each garment.


Nicole Eymard, the founder and creative director of Nichloris 

has a BA in Fashion and Textiles.  Nicole has always had a passion

for wearable concepts, as a child she loved collecting insects and

dried flowers, growing up she was an avid researcher,  wanting to

capture the beauty in nature into wearable pieces.


Nicole's concepts for Nichloris are developed from nature explored

throughout her childhood and ancient greek texts she studied in Paris.


Since Nicole was raised in a sustainable environment in

Northern California, she presently sews these roots into

the methodology of Nichloris.


She truly believes that supporting sustainable fashion practices is the

minimum effort we need to take action for our planet.