Nichloris + Noyaumagazine Collab

Nichloris + Noyaumagazine Collab

We absolutely love the work the account @noyaumagazine. We were so inspired and excited by Natália Novotná's Pre-Raphaelite dreams, a collaboration would be everything we could wish for!

Natália, @ffoxxie, a Pre-Raphaelite herself grew up in Slovakia, and moved last year to Milan, to study Fashion styling and Creative Direction at Instituto Maragoni.

She explained that this medium originated from a social media project.  She wanted to combine her love of Pre-Raphaelite paintings and mix them with modern fashion.  Her art has started to take off when MSGM, and Massimo Giorgetti, and Rodarte shared her work on their profiles!

For our collaboration, Natália chose our silk and linen jumpsuit and dressed a John William Godward lady, who poses by a Mediterranean sea scape, with braids, and a comforting pose.  The Squid ink black jumpsuit will be coming soon, and will be available to pre-order around London Fashion Week.  Please email us: for press inquiries.

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