Inspiring ladies of Nichloris, Jenny Chivers

Inspiring ladies of Nichloris, Jenny Chivers

The next inspiring lady, Jenny Chivers, a true Londoner, born and raised in South London, Brixton.  She studied weaving, which is felt in her exceptional taste in mixing Retro style meets Botticelli, and even in her photography! Her daily life is art, and is most enchanted by magnets, googly eyes, and shell mosaics. 

"I can't explain it but I've been collecting them (magnets) for 5 years now and I'm still passionate about them."

Jenny compares  dressing up as art, and has always been "engrossed" in clothing, as she finds outfit curation a way to truly express herself artistically. 

Jenny would love to wear The Olive garland Maxi dress in Antigua, "to walk around town in."  When asked how it felt to wear she replied, "Light, airy, subtlety sexy, flouncy"

Visit Jenny on her beautiful adventures on Instagram: @jefchivers and @jeffry.magnets

After this interview we were left feeling light and airy, ready to hop on a plane to Antigua!  We began imagining the travel destinations, with the SS20 Antipasti Karaoke collection filling our suitcases, prepared for any adventure around the corner! Truly the dream!  If you feel like you would like to grab a piece for running to the beautiful sunshine, please email , email us if you would just like to be featured in "The touch of Nichloris". 


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