Inspiring ladies of Nichloris, Willow Booker

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Our First inspiring lady Willow Booker, hails from Havering London.  Willow is currently a student of Ancient worlds, which means she comes into contact with Greek mythology quite a lot. We chatted deeply about our mutual passion for the past Art Deco artist communities, how hard it is to learn the Greek language and why the octopus is her favourite animal.  She's a fellow daydreamer, which explains
her hobbies of self expression in writing poetry and acting in plays.  When choosing her clothes she is a strong believer in choosing well and buying less.  Fit and natural fibers are at the top of her checklist before entering her wardrobe.  Willow is impressed by the longevity of natural fibers, and breathable comfort they provide.  She mostly chooses vintage and indie brand clothing because its much easier to consistently find natural fibers, and all the special details that make clothing special and inspiring.   Willow puts together looks for the day with a certain character in mind, stressing the importance of the emotionally and physical attachment to clothing, making a huge impact to your daily performance.  Infact, she chose The olive garland suit from the guipure capsule, because it fit seamlessly with her boots.  When wearing this look she mentioned the fit being comfortable enough for everyday, and was surprised of the trouser fit, as she feels it is difficult to find trousers with a suitable fit.  She was into the all natural fibers, and how great they felt against her skin.
We were left so inspired and could really imagine how our contemporary brand could really create our modern take on the Art Deco artist community.  If you feel like part of the Nichloris community already please email to be featured in The touch of Nichloris.
To see more of Willow Booker's inspirational lifestyle you can follow her on Instagram: @gothicwhoreoine

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